This story was originally published in Pacific Coast Golf Guide, Volume 23. Read the digital magazine here. Piggybacking off the success of an ascending Tiger Woods, golf experienced an unparalleled surge in popularity and growth at the beginning of theREAD MORE

Double bogeys can happen fast. Way too fast. One bad shot can put you in Double Bogeyville, golf’s most rundown town. The trick is to stop them just as fast. That was my takeaway from a recent round that gotREAD MORE

Like most practitioners of our great game, I’ve had to improvise in 2020. You have to leave the flagstick in the hole, even if the shadow of the flag is waving in your putting line. So you learn how toREAD MORE

Golf is meant to be enjoyed with a group, but there are going to be times when your group isn’t available and you still want to play. What’s stopping you? If you go out there as a single, do youREAD MORE

Today’s golf dilemma doesn’t involve ball flight or club selection, but it does touch upon course management. It doesn’t teach us anything about maximizing our strengths or minimizing our mistakes, but it’s all about whether to stay even keel. It’sREAD MORE

So you think you hit the ball a long way? When everyone else in your group is hitting a wood on that long par-3, you’ve got a 4-iron in your hands. And you can get there with it. When you’reREAD MORE

I’ve played 54 holes of golf this week. I’ve watched about 15 hours of the PGA Championship on television. That means I’ve seen hundreds of tap-in putts. When we’re out there, we often casually knock it in after someone saysREAD MORE

It’s easy to find fault with Bryson DeChambeau’s stubborn decision on the 15th hole that led to a missed cut at the Memorial. But maybe we all should be quiet – because we’ve all done something like that. We’ve allREAD MORE

Funny how you get a little smarter on the golf course as you get older. Not funny that it took so long. For my entire golfing life, I have ignored the risk of trying to drive a short par-4 andREAD MORE just posted an interesting instructional titled, “10 skills golfers need to go from a mid- to a low-handicap.” One skill in particular stood out to me: Hit more greens in regulation. The green in reg, or GIR, is oneREAD MORE

Here’s yet another good reason for playing more golf these days: The pandemic-mandated rule changes ought to improve your score. Assuming you’re OK with those new guidelines. The one that has had the most effect on play is the ruleREAD MORE

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