This story was originally published in Pacific Coast Golf Guide, Volume 23. Read the digital magazine here. Piggybacking off the success of an ascending Tiger Woods, golf experienced an unparalleled surge in popularity and growth at the beginning of theREAD MORE

It’s the 18th hole. You’re up by one shot on a player who already has finished. Make a par and you win. And your best chance of making that par is to put your tee ball in play. Do youREAD MORE

The 18th hole. The final exam of every round. One last challenge on courses that are filled with them. Should it be the toughest test of all? Or should it leave you with the memory of a beautiful view? AsREAD MORE

We tend to be so focused on what to do out there. Keep your head down. Low and slow. And, especially, have a good short game. But as the golf season springs into summer, a recent interview with proREAD MORE

Years ago, I took a lesson from a respected club professional. I was really excited about it, but my enthusiasm waned soon after it started. “You’ve got to shorten your swing,” was the first thing he told me. Being youngREAD MORE

Recent events on the PGA Tour have reminded me of something I’ve felt for as long as I’ve played our great game. The shot I most fear is not the 3-iron over the water. It isn’t the punch shot throughREAD MORE

Try to miss in the right spot, and don’t panic when you miss in the wrong spot. That was my biggest takeaway from the first three rounds of the Masters. Augusta National was challenging the pros in multiple ways, andREAD MORE

We never seem to run out of reasons to love our great game, and now we have another one. It’s so mysterious. Maybe you don’t like it when a facet of your game deserts you, but doesn’t that keep youREAD MORE

Short par-4s have become a big deal in recent years. The risk/reward deliciousness fascinates golf announcers and fans alike. Too often forgotten, though, is the short-but-tricky par-3. Let’s call it the SBT3. Every course should have an SBT3. Sure, youREAD MORE

Watching the pros try to hit the 17th green in the TPC Sawgrass gale the other day brought to mind an interesting experience we all sometimes have on the golf course. Player after player could only laugh when even aREAD MORE

Golfers from all over the country flock to our neck of the woods to play golf this time of year. They’re sick of winter and desperately want to get outside. It’s a great time for them to play. But it’sREAD MORE

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