As I walked all over Pebble Beach during the first round of the U.S. Open on Thursday, I noticed a lot of interesting things. Such as: –The vibe at a pro golf tournament is different from that of any otherREAD MORE

How many times have you heard someone say this: “I always wanted to play Pebble.” If they lived elsewhere, they no doubt were lured by the beauty of a February afternoon on the Monterey Peninsula while they were shivering inREAD MORE

Our golfing journey is never like driving down a straight, boring road with no trees, no views, no personality. It is like a winding drive in the mountains with S curves, highs and lows, and challenges. I was reminded ofREAD MORE

Golf is about a lot of things – beauty, honesty, resilience, perseverance. But I think I’ve discovered the three words that sum it up best. Do it right. I came to realize this recently in a seemingly innocuous way. IREAD MORE

I’ve often said that I can find a way to bogey any hole in the world. The connotation was meant to be decidedly self-deprecating. But after watching the PGA Championship this weekend, I don’t think a bogey is so bad.READ MORE

It’s the same story just about every time I drive past a golf course as sunset is approaching. Empty. No one in sight. But here’s what’s really sad: Sunset is approaching, but it’s hardly imminent. It could be a 4READ MORE

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ve come to this conclusion: Our great game doesn’t need gimmicks to remain great. Which begs the question: Is the alternate-shot format, used at the Zurich Classic last weekend, truly a gimmick? Or isREAD MORE

What a moment. But was the 2019 Masters only a moment and not momentous? That’s what we’ll find out – and we can do something about it. The optimists already are pointing to the sites of the PGA Championship andREAD MORE

A picture of the 13th green at Augusta National hangs on the wall of my living room and adorns a special place in my golf dreams as well. It’s one of those holes – you know, the ones that makeREAD MORE

John “Jack” Fleming was born in 1896 in County Galway, Ireland, which may make one assume he was a natural for golf design. The game was still in its infancy in Ireland though, and Galway to this day is oneREAD MORE

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