This story was originally published in Pacific Coast Golf Guide, Volume 23. Read the digital magazine here. Piggybacking off the success of an ascending Tiger Woods, golf experienced an unparalleled surge in popularity and growth at the beginning of theREAD MORE

Yes, golf is a game of inches, but it doesn’t always involve that little white ball skittering into that little cup. Sometimes, the answer is right at your feet. I was reminded of this simple and yet complex adjustment inREAD MORE

As we contemplate what to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, I’ve got one that probably doesn’t come to your mind right away. I’m thankful for bogeys. Don’t get me wrong. I despise bogeys. The only way a bogey feels goodREAD MORE

We could learn a lot from these words: “I don’t chase distance at all. I actually try not to hit it out of my shoes. Usually that leads to injuries for me. I actually think a lot about tempo, tryingREAD MORE

Fifth-grade geography classes across the United States should school the youngsters – many of them could be future golfers, after all – about the three regions of the country. There’s the Golf of Plenty. That’s where we live, with aREAD MORE

Who says golf is too serious? One of the things I love about our great game is that it sparks so many jokes. A friend sent me these the other day. I’ve added my comment to each one: The lowestREAD MORE

We all did it. We dreamed as kids of being a professional golfer and playing in all the big events, all over the world. Sessions on the driving range included envisioning hitting that big drive past all the trouble andREAD MORE

All my life, I have marveled as I watch the pros hit fairway after fairway and green after green – especially on one of those courses where minus-25 will be the winning 72-hole score. And I have wondered … WhatREAD MORE

Today’s episode is about driving, but not the type of drives we usually discuss, involving the challenge of hitting a little white ball off a peg in the ground. That’s hard enough, and it can put you in some scaryREAD MORE

Of all the shots we have watched during the Ryder Cup, there’s one that always will stand out for many of us: Jordan Spieth almost jumped in the lake. Just as notably, he put the ball on the green fromREAD MORE

It is irresistible. Watching Phil Mickelson navigate a golf course is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece … but with bold strokes. So I couldn’t help but watch the other day when I discovered that Lefty was playing inREAD MORE

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