Month: January 2021

We are obsessed with hitting the golf ball. We endlessly study ways to get another 10 yards out of our driver. We constantly hunt for clubs and balls that promise to fly straighter and truer. When we talk about gettingREAD MORE

You heard about it, right? The condor landed at Lake Chabot recently, and the golf world suddenly is filled with expert bird watchers. Kevin Pon made a 2 on the 673-yard, par-6 18th hole, detailed in this San Jose MercuryREAD MORE

Even when I’m not playing a lot of golf, I am thinking a lot about playing golf. Like right now. For a variety of reasons – mainly, the holidays and just circumstances – my playing schedule has been limited lately.READ MORE

New year. New outlook. New ways to express our love for our great game. How about sharing it with those who haven’t yet learned the joys of The Perfect Four Hours? It could be one of your children. It couldREAD MORE