Month: July 2017

I like rules. I’m a rules follower. If the road sign indicates “no left turn,” I don’t turn left. I count my items in the express lane at the grocery store to make sure I don’t have more than 15.READ MORE

Host Kyle Surlow (@ksurlow) talks about Jordan Spieth’s spectacular win at The Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, then discusses what it means for runner-up Matt Kuchar with lifelong Kuch superfan Mark Mendoza. This episode is proudly presented by Golf GuideREAD MORE

As Jordan Spieth stood amid the trucks on the edge of the driving range Sunday, looking up at a hill that seemed about a thousand feet tall, the rest of us mere mortals had to wonder this: What would IREAD MORE

I’ve played golf when it was 110 degrees. I’ve played when the temperature was barely above freezing. I’ve played in steady rain. I’ve played with leftover melting snow on the ground adding an extra place where you could lose yourREAD MORE

Playing golf in the dark is like trying to walk through your darkened house – you can picture in your mind where everything should be, but actually getting from Point A to Point B without stubbing your toe is anREAD MORE