You need to reach serious golfers.

GolfGuide delivers your message to more than 100,000 golfers on the West Coast.

Golfing group on courseSince 1997, GolfGuide has been the only comprehensive printer golf course directory and information source for golfers on the Pacific Coast.

Golfers rely on our detailed listing of every golf course in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington to find exactly the golf experience they’re looking for.

GolfGuide is a multimedia partner of golfers and golf businesses throughout the Pacific Coast states.

Golf Guide Media Kit thumbnailWhere they PLAY – GofGuide is free to 91.6% of all the 1,404 public & private golf course facilities located in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Where they STAY – GolfGuide is available to 108 high-end hotels in Los Angeles, Monterey, San Francisco, Portland & Seattle.

Where they SHOP – GolfGuide is available at 102 golf retail stores all along the Pacific Coast.

And where they LIVE – GolfGuide is mailed directly to 5,000 committed golfers with annual household income over $250,000 and a home value over $1,000,000.

All of these factors combine to guarantee that your message reaches key buyers who are already spending money in the golf marketplace.

Multi-channel marketing ensures your message reaches exactly the golfer you want

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