Frequently Asked Questions

What is Golf Guide?ANSWER

Guide is a multimedia company whose sole purpose is to help golfers on the Pacific Coast play more interesting golf. Golf Guide has three primary media channels; Golfguide.Net, which is a website that helps golfers save on rounds of golf, Pacific Coast Golf Guide Magazine, which is available free of charge at over 1,100 golf courses across the West Coast, and the Golf Guide Podcast.

Is Golf Guide free to use?ANSWER

Yes! Golfguide.Net is free to use for anybody looking to purchase discounted rounds of golf. Pacific Coast Golf Guide is also available at no cost at the majority of West Coast golf courses, and the Golf Guide Podcast is free of charge using your preferred podcast player.

How can I stay up to date on the latest news regarding Pacific Coast Golf Guide?ANSWER

Subscribe to Golf Guide’s weekly newsletter by signing up at the bottom of this webpage. You can also follow Golf Guide on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on special Golf Guide deals and events.

What payment options do I have?ANSWER

We accept the following major credit cards; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Is my credit card information safe?ANSWER

Yes, credit card transactions are made through a secure online server.

What happens when/if I forget my username and password?ANSWER

On the “Login | Signup” page, click the ‘Lost my password’ link and follow the instructions to recover or reset your account password.

How can I change my account information?ANSWER

From your “My Account” page, you can edit your personal information, update the payment information you’d like us to keep on file with your account, and update email and address information.

If I have additional questions or concerns, what do I do?ANSWER

You can contact Golf Guide via phone at (707) 578-3300 (Monday through Friday, 9am – 4pm) or send us an email at

Can I purchase Golf Guide vouchers over the phone?ANSWER

Yes, if you call us during business hours (M-F 9am – 4pm), one of our representatives should be able to help you with your online purchase over the phone.

I have purchased play vouchers from Golfguide.Net in the past, but now my credit card won’t work. What do I do?ANSWER

If you have purchased vouchers from Golf Guide on previous versions of its website, you will need to create and new account if you haven’t already on this updated website. After doing so, you can update your payment information in you “My Account” page.

How do I access all of my previously purchased vouchers?ANSWER

To access vouchers purchased before March 25, 2019, you may either call us at 707.578.3300 or email us at so we can send you vouchers purchased on the previous version of the website. If you are trying to access vouchers purchased after March 25, 2019, simply visit your “My Account” page and click the ‘Vouchers’ link to view all your previous purchases.

Can I present my voucher on my phone to the golf shop instead of printing it out?ANSWER

Sometimes. Carefully read your certificates restrictions, as some courses require you to print out your voucher to submit at the golf shop. If the certificate doesn’t specify to print, you may present your voucher via your mobile device.

How can I speak with somebody at Golf Guide?ANSWER

You may either call us at 707.578.3300 or email us at

What happens when I purchase a Golfguide.Net play certificate? How do I get my voucher?ANSWER

Golfguide.Net automatically sends you a purchase confirmation email with a link to your purchased certificate, and your email will also have your certificate attached as a pdf. You may also access your voucher and view past purchases from your account profile page.

I bought a certificate, but I never received an email. Why?ANSWER

If your purchase confirmation email doesn’t arrive in your inbox within a few minutes of your purchase, it’s likely it was filtered in to your spam folder. Just be sure to let your email browser know that our emails are only meant to send you discounted golf passes.

What is a Golf Guide deal/voucher?ANSWER

Golf Guide deals are pre-paid rounds of golf sold for a promotional price. Most packages include one round of golf for one player at the course listed.

What do I receive when I purchase a Golf Guide Play Voucher?ANSWER

Upon purchase, you will receive a voucher. Print the voucher to present to the golf shop at check-in. Your purchased voucher can be accessed by your purchase confirmation email, your account page on Golfguide.Net, or using the link on the purchase confirmation screen.

How do I use my Golf Guide Play Voucher?ANSWER

After purchasing your voucher, reserve your tee time by phone. Present either the printed voucher or the mobile version of the voucher to the golf shop at the time of play. That’s it! Be sure to check your vouchers restrictions, as some courses require a printed voucher when checking in.

Do I have to print my Golf Guide Play Voucher?ANSWER

Some courses require you to present a printed voucher at check-in, so please check each vouchers restrictions and rules before heading to the course.

How can I check to see if a Play Voucher has been used?ANSWER

Visit your “My Account” page and click the ‘Vouchers’ link to view all your previous purchases and see whether or not they have been redeemed

When can I use my Golf Guide Play Voucher?ANSWER

Some deals are valid 7 days a week, while others may be restricted to certain days. Make sure to check each voucher’s terms for any restrictions or additional fees for play during certain times.

I cannot find my order confirmation / voucher, what do I do?ANSWER

We email a confirmation upon purchase. If you cannot find the email, it’s likely in your junk mail. You can also find your order in your account information, accessible by clicking on (Wait to answer until site is finished) .

Can I give a Golf Guide Voucher to somebody else?ANSWER

Yes! All vouchers are fully transferable. (re-sale of vouchers is not permitted)

How long is a Golfguide.Net voucher valid for?ANSWER

All play vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase unless otherwise specified.

When will you offer deals in my area?ANSWER

We are trying to actively add courses all across the Pacific Coast to expand the amount of great golf courses you can play using a Golf Guide voucher. Be sure to sign up for our weekly email to get the latest information on all our deals here.

What is Golf Guide’s refund / return policy?ANSWER

All voucher sales are final. However, if you have any issues with billing or accidental purchases, please call us at 707-578-3300 so we can assist you and make it right.