Golf Guide Vouchers (also called Play Certificates)
are pre-paid rounds of golf, sold for a special promotional price.


BUY: Upon purchase, you will receive a voucher (play certificate) to play

BOOK: Call the course as you normally would to reserve your tee time

PLAY: Present your play certificate to the golf shop and head to the first tee!


Golf Guide’s deals include one round of golf for one player. Be sure to check the offer terms for any restrictions or additional fees for play during certain times. Each play certificate has its own unique restrictions, so be sure to check them out before you buy.

How it works:

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a voucher. Simply present the voucher to the Pro-Shop at the time of play. You can either print the voucher or present the mobile voucher on your phone. Some courses require a printed voucher, so be sure to check your play certificate’s terms and restrictions. Purchased vouchers can also be accessed in customer’s user profile and through the link on the purchase confirmation screen.