Month: March 2020

Last week, I wrote about the saddest four words in golf, 2020 style: “The course is closed.” Today, I have much happier words: “I played golf yesterday.” It really wasn’t that much different than any other round except that …READ MORE

It used to be that the saddest four words in golf were, “It’s still your turn.” Now we’ve got a new entry: “The course is closed.” That’s what I heard Saturday morning just as I was getting ready to driveREAD MORE

We were talking the other day about the possibility of having to stay away from the office during the coronavirus outbreak. “I know!” I said. “We could have meetings on the golf course!” I was only half-kidding. I focused onREAD MORE

“You’re making it look so easy!” Ever have someone say that to you on the golf course? What’s your reaction? Do you chuckle and confidently agree? Or do you respond with, “Please don’t say that!” More importantly, how does itREAD MORE