Month: December 2021

The photos are so cute. Charlie Woods dresses like his dad, has the same mannerisms as his dad, even has the same putter as his dad. I’ll bet a lot of golfers watched him stalk Ritz-Carlton Golf Club with proudREAD MORE

Golfers are like that goofy aunt whose tastes are as all over the place as some of my tee shots. To the uninformed, shopping for us can be about as much fun as a quadruple bogey. But it doesn’t haveREAD MORE

Don’t mess with success. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Apply whichever old saying suits your fancy, but any talk about dramatically changing golf becomes my get-off-my-lawn moment. Fewer holes (ugh). Bigger cups (bigger ugh). Frisbee golf (biggest ughREAD MORE