Month: November 2019

It’s that time of year when you can overdo a good thing. Too many parties. Too much chocolate. Too much shopping (if you like shopping, that is). And, over the weekend, I got a taste of the golf version ofREAD MORE

Sustained excellence. Sudden brilliance. And two lessons for all of us. The news out of the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions in recent days, for those whose interest in our great game slumbers at this time of year, centeredREAD MORE

I spent the weekend in Illinois, where the golf courses are still very green. They look beautiful. Every time I passed one, I maintained my tradition. “Golf course!” I would proclaim. But my words were hollow. No one was enjoyingREAD MORE

They call it an advertisement for “The Official Beer of Going Golfing Just to Drink Beer.” I call it a Rocky Mountain-size insult to our great game. You know the ad. It shows a guy taking a casual, one-handed swipeREAD MORE