Rick Vacek at The Turn

On the oddest Thanksgiving any of us have ever seen, some people might have trouble finding reasons to give thanks after eight months of turmoil. But not this grateful golfer. I am thankful for far more than eagles and birdies.READ MORE

The four saddest words in golf? We all know that one. “It’s still your turn.” But there’s another set of four words that reflects the sense of adventure sparked by playing a course for the first time: “Where should IREAD MORE

It’s a beautiful day at Augusta National, and I’m ready for this. Just me and the golf course. Bring it on. It’s the Imaginary Masters, and I’m playing only the back nine. There’s a reason for that. I’ve been watchingREAD MORE

The NBA Finals ended 20 days before Halloween. The World Series was played in the same neutral stadium for eight days. Pro and college football games, like the other sports, are being contested in front of few, if any, fans.READ MORE

A recent Golf Digest story detailed, with wonderfully relatable descriptions, the nine worst ways to make bogey. On every single one, I found myself nodding in agreement. Yep, been there. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject.READ MORE

Most of us don’t need extra incentives to tee it up. Our regular rounds of golf are as predictable as the sunrise – heck, what other activity would compel us to get out of bed before dawn? But the latestREAD MORE

My home course begins with two tough holes. One is a long par-4 with out of bounds on the left, trees on the right and a massive green that’s a three-putt waiting to happen. The other is a midsize par-3READ MORE

Double bogeys can happen fast. Way too fast. One bad shot can put you in Double Bogeyville, golf’s most rundown town. The trick is to stop them just as fast. That was my takeaway from a recent round that gotREAD MORE

Like most practitioners of our great game, I’ve had to improvise in 2020. You have to leave the flagstick in the hole, even if the shadow of the flag is waving in your putting line. So you learn how toREAD MORE

Golf is meant to be enjoyed with a group, but there are going to be times when your group isn’t available and you still want to play. What’s stopping you? If you go out there as a single, do youREAD MORE

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