Month: April 2022

Years ago, I took a lesson from a respected club professional. I was really excited about it, but my enthusiasm waned soon after it started. “You’ve got to shorten your swing,” was the first thing he told me. Being youngREAD MORE

Recent events on the PGA Tour have reminded me of something I’ve felt for as long as I’ve played our great game. The shot I most fear is not the 3-iron over the water. It isn’t the punch shot throughREAD MORE

Try to miss in the right spot, and don’t panic when you miss in the wrong spot. That was my biggest takeaway from the first three rounds of the Masters. Augusta National was challenging the pros in multiple ways, andREAD MORE

We never seem to run out of reasons to love our great game, and now we have another one. It’s so mysterious. Maybe you don’t like it when a facet of your game deserts you, but doesn’t that keep youREAD MORE