“Play on.” Normally, we love hearing those words. If there’s one thing we do well on the golf course, it’s play on. And play and play and play until the sun goes down. But it was easy to see whyREAD MORE

We are creatures of habit. We are more comfortable with the familiar. And if the familiar has faded into the sunset of days past, we crave nostalgia. We want to relive those memories. That’s why PGA Tour Champions was created.READ MORE

Would you attempt that shot? I sure wouldn’t. Not in a million years. Not if I was a professional and might need it to win a tournament. And certainly not if I was just playing a round of golf forREAD MORE

I prefer predictability. I crave consistency. I put things in the same place … every time. I call up websites I need for work in the same order … every time. If I find that a particular hiking route worksREAD MORE

It is golf’s version of Buy Local. Municipal courses often get derided with “Well, that’s muni golf” mutterings. But if there’s one takeaway from the recent push in the California assembly to turn those popular venues into affordable housing, it’sREAD MORE

As I steered my car past the “Welcome to California” sign on that hot summer day so long ago, I knew I was about to see something special. I was a 22-year-old kid from Chicago with a dream and theREAD MORE

Just like spelling Waialae and Hualalai and especially Ka’upulehu-Kona, golf is challenging. And that’s a good thing. As I looked over where the pros will be playing this month, I compared deciphering those exotic Hawaiian names to playing a tough,READ MORE

You just chipped your ball onto the green. It wasn’t a great chip. Your ball is still 30 feet from the hole – far enough away that you don’t even need to mark it while another player in your foursomeREAD MORE

The photos are so cute. Charlie Woods dresses like his dad, has the same mannerisms as his dad, even has the same putter as his dad. I’ll bet a lot of golfers watched him stalk Ritz-Carlton Golf Club with proudREAD MORE

Golfers are like that goofy aunt whose tastes are as all over the place as some of my tee shots. To the uninformed, shopping for us can be about as much fun as a quadruple bogey. But it doesn’t haveREAD MORE

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