John “Jack” Fleming was born in 1896 in County Galway, Ireland, which may make one assume he was a natural for golf design. The game was still in its infancy in Ireland though, and Galway to this day is oneREAD MORE

Gamble Sands is a vacation from the diabolical “resistance to scoring” tests that have turned some links layouts into pursuits of pain instead of par. The typical reaction from golfers: “Fun!” “I broke 100 for the first time!” “Can IREAD MORE

The revolutionary revisions to the Rules of Golf, for the most part, make a ton of sense. They save time, which was the main idea. The pros seem to have adapted to them rather quickly. The idea was to eliminateREAD MORE

I hope we all realize how good we’ve had it … and still have it … and WILL have it. Television broadcasts of pro golf tournaments have improved dramatically over the years, and I consider the overall roster of announcersREAD MORE

Where else would you rather be? It’s my motto when I go to any sports event. And that goes double for my time on the golf course, no matter whether I’m playing or watching. Fans of our great game –READ MORE

So have you tried it? If you’ve teed it up since the first of the year and are aware of golf’s vastly revamped rules, you probably have. The rule change that’s coming into play most often, the one everyone’s talkingREAD MORE

Everyone who has played golf for a long time knows that the clock is always ticking on your ability to play consistently well. I’ve never known anyone who was a good player in their 20s and was even better 40READ MORE

A great golf course has one interesting hole after another. You never feel bored, and it keeps you riveted right to the end. The new PGA Tour schedule, appropriately, is like a great golf course. Gone is that endless gap betweenREAD MORE

Hallelujah! No more “walk of shame.” No more feeling sick to your stomach that your seemingly OK tee shot can’t be found and is going to cost you two shots. More time to enjoy our great game. And less timeREAD MORE

As I drove past another busy golf course the other day, it brought to mind a conversation you might have with someone subjected to snow and wind-chill indexes at this time of year. “Just finished shoveling the sidewalk, but I’llREAD MORE

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