Andy Johnson of The Fried Egg on the state of golf course development, Northwood, the 2018 Tiger Woods experience and more (Ep. 63)

Andy Johnson (@the_fried_egg) is the founder of The Fried Egg, where he covers professional and amateur golf as well as golf course architecture and development.

In this episode, host Kyle Surlow and Andy discuss Andy’s recent trip to Northwood Golf Club in Monte Rio, CA with friend Zac Blair, the state of golf course development in the United States, focusing on Boca National in Boca Raton, Florida and the Jackson Park golf project in Chicago, which is set to be designed by Tiger Woods. At the end of the podcast, Kyle steals a segment from the Fried Egg Podcast and plays some over/under where we get Andy’s thoughts on the 2018 Tiger Woods experience, new golf equipment and much more.


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