The LPGA gets it. When the women’s tour had some open 2018 dates it needed to fill, where did it look? California, of course. Tournaments were added at Lake Merced in San Francisco and at a Los Angeles-area course toREAD MORE

Here are two questions that are sure to provoke a great 19th-hole discussion: What’s the greatest hole you’ve ever played? What legendary hole do you wish you could play? It sure got me thinking – especially the second one. TheREAD MORE

Back when I was a teenager and still learning how to manage my game on the golf course, I wanted to have a better understanding of what I did well and what I needed to work on. So I gotREAD MORE

We are a hardy bunch, those of us who still insist on carrying our clubs around a golf course. We also are increasingly rare. Take a look around just about any course and count the number of bag-toters. Now lookREAD MORE

For too much of October, I watched in paralyzed amazement as fires devastated Northern California. Every time I woke up in the middle of the night, I quickly grabbed my cell phone to check the latest news. When I heardREAD MORE

The legendary Bobby Jones once said of Jack Nicklaus, “He plays a game with which I am not familiar.” These days, it’s as if we all should be saying that when we listen to the pros talk about golf. ItREAD MORE

Various deep thinkers over the centuries have said essentially the same thing: Those who don’t understand the past are doomed to repeat it. I wish I could say that the same concept applies to bozo golf. I’ll never understand it,READ MORE

Comparing fan behavior at a golf tournament to what goes on at, say, a football game is like comparing elevator music to heavy metal. But there’s one frequent feature of golf tournaments that’s so embarrassing, it disgusts me every timeREAD MORE

When you go to a pro golf tournament, be sure to get up close and personal By Rick Vacek I love going to baseball games. I’ll go just about anytime, anywhere. Hockey is a great sport to watch in person.READ MORE

It is the weekend of the final tournament of the PGA Tour season, the Tour Championship, the one for the FedEx Cup. That should have been the news. But what really interested the TV people was why Jason Dufner wasREAD MORE

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