Imagine stepping up to every drive and just knowing that you’re going to rip it 330 yards down the middle. Or having a 3-iron in your hands and not worrying for a second about all the nastiness up by theREAD MORE

If you play the same course all the time – either you’re a member, or you just like it, or both – that’s great. But don’t you get a little charge out of tackling a new layout? I sure do.READ MORE

Here’s an interesting question for your next 19th-hole debate: If you could eliminate one of these features from a golf course you play a lot, which one would it be? What would be your second choice? How about your third?READ MORE

By Rick Vacek   Back in 2015, Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post described Jordan Spieth thusly:   Scan him up and down, and you search in vain for a defining feature. The colorless hair, the medium build, the solidREAD MORE

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