Yocha Dehe Golf Club

14455 State Highway 16 , Brooks, CA


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Total Yardage7333
Course StyleParkland
Course TypeRegulation
WalkabilityDifficult to walk
GreensBent, Poa Anna


This challenging-but-pleasing course in the lovely and tranquil Capay Valley was established in January 2008 both to enhance the vacation getaway atmosphere for Cache Creek Casino Resort visitors and to provide a unique venue for golf-only enthusiasts drawn up the hill from Sacramento and the Bay Area. Brad Bell filled the 7,334 yards of oak-studded hills and tall grasses with plentiful bunkers and a picturesque 19-acre irrigation lake that provides plot twists on three different holes. Numbers 1 and 18 are gorgeous bookends, the first from a 170-foot elevated tee overlooking the entire course, the last working its way over and around a lake finger to a green guarded by some of the fiercest bunkers on the course. Considering the quality of its design and impeccable course conditions, Yocha Dehe boasts modest green fees that include a cart with GPS and USB charging ports. Among the amenities are a 10,600-square foot clubhouse, spectacular practice facility, and adjoining casino with its 200-room luxury hotel and spa, eight restaurants, swimming pool, and top-quality entertainment. Most would state that Yocha Dehe is a feature of the casino and resort, but avid golfers know the truth has the roles reversed Learn more

Year Founded2008
ArchitectBrad Bell

Individual Tee Stats

Tee Name Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Rating Difficulty ? A course’s difficulty rating represents how many strokes over par a bogey golfer can expect to shoot, under normal course and weather conditions.
Black 72 7333 74.9 136 28.2
Gold 72 6907 72.4 132 24.9
Red 72 6449 70.2 120 20.5
Green (L) 72 5937 76.3 134 29.2
White 72 5426 70.8 122 21.5