Ridgemark Golf & Country Club

3800 Airline Hwy , Hollister, CA



Total Yardage3371
Course TypeRegulation
WalkabilityNo preference


The old phrase "something for everyone" gets a whole new lease on life at Ridgemark Golf & Country Club in Hollister, where the pair of 18-hole courses known as Gabilan and Diablo offer a potpourri of play and/or stay options to daily players, members and resort visitors.nAccess to the courses alternates daily, with members on Gabilan when daily players negotiate Diablo, then vice versa. Visitors to the 32 lodge rooms have their pick of either course. What all players share is the magnificent mountain backdrop smack between the Gabilan and Diablo ranges and benign weather (only 10 inches of rain annually, mild summer temps) that includes cooling afternoon breezes from the Monterey beaches 40 minutes west. Gabilan is the flatter of the two courses but longer at 6,721 yards from the back tees. Most players find a nice rhythm on its largely straightforward layout, while 58 bunkers and a veritable forest of mature trees never let your ambition get too far ahead of your game.n Learn more

Year Founded1974
ArchitectRichard Bigler

Individual Tee Stats

Tee Name Par Yardage Course Rating Slope Rating Difficulty ? A course’s difficulty rating represents how many strokes over par a bogey golfer can expect to shoot, under normal course and weather conditions.
Blue 36 3371 72.8 131 97.5
White 36 3193 71 128 95.1
Red 36 2854 72.1 119 94.5